Welcome to Param Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession. As a physiotherapist I helped more than 500 patients on OPD basis, 3 years of service in multi-speciality hospitals and around 500 home visits in my 9 years of experience in field of rehabilitation.

As a Physiotherapist we can assess, diagnose and treat any kind of muscle pain, weakness, joint pain and mal-alignment with the help of Hot/Cold packs,different types of modalities, manual therapy techniques, Dry Needling, Cupping Therapy, Traction etc.

We make patients exercise regularly in our clinic with the help of resistant bands, weights, dumbells, gym ball, balance trainers, tubes etc. This will further help in regaining muscle strength and restoring movements and improve joint function.

Each and Every patients come up with different types of problems and different type of structural and functional limitation so our approach to the patient and exercise protocols are customised for different type of patients. Our main focus is on educating each and every patient about their existing condition and rehabilitation which we are implementing on them.

So specially we are aiming to made patient moving or doing his daily activity and performing in workplace without any pain or discomfort.